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Black Hills SD Hotel Area Guide

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Mount Rushmore National Memorial

America's Shrine of Democracy, Mount Rushmore National Memorial features the 60 foot faces of four American presidents who represent the birth, growth, development & preservation of this country.  Located a scenic 18 miles from our front door, the park includes a half-mile walking trail, museum, gift shop and dining room.   

Crazy Horse Memorial

The Dream
"My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know the red man has great heroes, also" – Chief Henry Standing Bear

The Promise
"The story of the Native American is epic which requires an epic scale...By carving Crazy Horse, if I can give the Indian some of his pride and create the means to keep alive his culture and heritage, my life will have been worthwhile." – Korczak Ziolkowski

Crazy Horse Memorial has the potential to become the world's largest sculpture. This majestic Wildly Improbable Dream is located less than 5 miles from our front door.   

Custer State Park

Custer State Park encompasses spectacular terrain, granite mountains, breathtaking lakes and an abundance of wildlife. Within the park, you'll discover a world of adventure! Park activities include hiking trails for all levels, mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, swimming, picnicking, forest bathing and kayaking all in the presence of the awe-inspiring Great American Bison.  The closest entrance to the park is less than 5 minutes away.  

Wind Cave National Park

One of the world's longest and most complex caves and 28,295 acres of mixed-grass prairie, ponderosa pine forest, and associated wildlife are the main features of the park. The park's mixed-grass prairie is one of the few remaining and is home to native wildlife such as bison, elk, pronghorn, mule deer,coyotes, and prairie dogs.  Only 15 minutes from the Bavarian Inn, Black Hills.

Jewel Cave National Park

Immerse yourself within the third longest cave in the world. With over 193 miles of mapped and surveyed passages, this underground wilderness appeals to human curiosity. Its splendor is revealed through fragile formations and glimpses of brilliant color. Its maze of passages lure explorers, and its scientific wealth remains a mystery. This resource is truly a jewel in the National Park Service.  Filled with  calcite crystals and other wonders that make up the "jewels" of Jewel Cave National Monument, you're sure to feel the crystal energy. Only 15 minutes away.

Mammoth Site

The Mammoth Site is a pre-historic sinkhole where 61 mammoth skeletons have been excavated to date. The Mammoth site was discovered in 1974 when the land was being excavated for a housing development. Local citizens preserved the site, and a climate-controlled museum was erected over it.

Most of the fossils are Colombian Mammoths, though three Woolly Mammoths have also been found. Fossils from 85 other Ice Age species, as well as information on ancient rocks and plant life, have also been found.  If anyone in your family loves fossils, the Mammoth Site is a slam dunk and is only 40 minutes from the Bavarian Inn, Black Hills.

Black Hills Balloons

Live life to its fullest with a sunrise hot air balloon flight.  Black Hills Balloons is a one-of-a-kind adventure tour for South Dakota Black Hills locals and visitors. With over 30 years flying experience operating the only hot air balloon ride adventure in The Black Hills, it's an established and well-known local attraction. Flights are at sunrise and are approximately one hour. Includes a traditional champagne toast & first flight certificate.  Black Hills Balloons is located right here in Custer.

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